The European Einstein Toolkit Meeting 2023 was held at Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal, from 19–23 June 2023.

The Einstein Toolkit is an open source software platform for research in numerical relativity.

This meeting was held fully in-person, with no online component. The first two days covered presentations and tutorials geared towards new users of the Toolkit. Afterwards time was devoted to more specialized topics, including contributed talks, status and future development of the Toolkit, as well as dedicated discussion sessions. All are welcome throughout. There is no registration fee.

Contact: mzilhao[at]

Dates: 19–23 June 2023

Location: Sala de Atos Académicos – Edifício Central e da Reitoria (Building 25), Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

Invited Speakers

  • Alejandra Gonzalez
  • Eric Gourgoulhon
  • Hector Okada da Silva
  • Ian Hawke
  • Ian Hinder
  • Isabel Suárez-Fernandez
  • Katy Clough
  • Nicolas Sanchis-Gual
  • Raimon Luna
  • Samuel Tootle
  • Sascha Husa
  • Stephan Rosswog
  • Steven Brandt
  • Swapnil Shankar
  • Wolfgang Kastaun

Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Alex Vañó Viñuales (Instituto Superior Técnico)
  • Bruno Giacomazzo (University of Milano-Bicocca)
  • Christiana Pantelidou (University College Dublin)
  • Miguel Zilhão (University of Aveiro)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Carlos Herdeiro
  • Etevaldo Costa
  • Ivo Sengo
  • Miguel Zilhão
  • Nuno Santos

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This workshop is supported by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT), through grants CERN/FIS-PAR/0027/2019, PTDC/FIS-AST/3041/2020 and 2022.04560.PTDC.