Campus de Santiago

The University of Aveiro is located at the following address:

Universidade de Aveiro
Campus de Santiago
3810-183, Aveiro

How to reach Aveiro

Train strike alert

Please note that a train strike has been announced for the full month of June, so expect some disruption. Before travelling, make sure to check which trains have been surpressed in this link.

From abroad

If travelling from aboard, the closest airport is Porto and the next nearest is Lisbon. Both are well connected by train.

If travelling from Porto it is easiest to take the metro line to Campanhã train station from the airport (note that you need to change at Trindade), and then take a train from Campanhã to Aveiro.

From Lisbon airport, you can take a taxi, bus or metro (red line) to the Oriente train station and then take a train to Aveiro.

From both Campanhã and Oriente train stations you can also find express coach services to several points of the country.

From other cities in Portugal

Aveiro is very well connected to other cities. By train, there are regular urban, regional and fast services to and from several areas:

  • Porto (~35min-1h);
  • Braga/Guimarães (~1h30-2h30);
  • Coimbra (~25min-1h);
  • Lisbon (~2h00-2h30).

There are also several express coach services from many cities around the country, such as Rede Expressos.

How to reach U. Aveiro

From the train station

Once in Aveiro, the Campus can be reached on foot in 25-30min. There are also city buses (number L11 and L6; number L11 stops inside the campus), which depart regularly from the train station, and taxis (or call +351 234 385 799).

The location of the Rectory building, inside the University Campus, is indicated in the map below. The blue line indicates the directions from the train station.

Campus map

Map of the University Campus. The conference room is inside building number 25 in the map.


There are two large canteens: “Santiago” and “Grelhados”. These are numbers 6 and F in the map above. Full meals cost around 5€. There are also several cafés throughout the different departments on campus and there is also a buffet-style vegetarian restaurant, labeled M in the map above (note that one may have to book beforehand).


Here are some suggested hotels in Aveiro. The times shown correspond to the walking distance to the conference venue in each case.

Gr@v – Gravitation at Aveiro

Created in 2010, Gr@v is an international team of researchers, based at the University of Aveiro, working on gravitational physics in the context of astrophysics, cosmology and high-energy physics. For more information on research, activities and funding opportunities, please visit the group’s webpage.